So that's what Sham Shui Po Looks like


Some beaten xerox machinery


TV Wall everywhere



A Typical place


Resuscitated JX-10




A Pile of guitar stuff


Hello you !


Ended up not getting it cos the seller was an asshole


Would you look at this waldorf unit...



If only I had some space at home



you may bump into some cool Video effect boxes and mixers too


Pile of crap


Another pile of crap


One can find some medical machines as well. Ever wanted to experiment with a defibrilator ?




Sweet pile of crap. Dual Analog chorus anyone ?


Those guys were unloading pallettes of big mixers stacked without protection.




Why not ?


Perfectly working D50 and M1 who used to belong to a music school in 90's HK according to a sticker glued on them


When I bought this, I pretended not knowing what it was.


same old same old



And expensive real estate means you have to play tetris under your bed to stock your game